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Several courses promise to fulfil your requirements, and we help you decide the best out of all options. Our courses support you with guidance at all levels (from beginner to professional) with enhanced fluency in the English language.



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We, at British English Academy, carefully craft the structure of our courses to match your learning needs. We provide the best classes for school students, college students, businessmen, housewives, and other professionals.

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We know choosing the right course can be a big dilemma for you, but that’s what we are here for. We offer exclusive courses to suit your different needs, whether you are pursuing your studies, are a housewife, or are in any professional position in an organization. We stick to our key purpose of guiding you throughout your journey of learning English (speaking, reading, listening, and writing).


Our courses offer the basic skills for the English language that would be beneficial to all beginners.

Intermediate Course

We’ve designed these courses on the intermediary level to help improve the English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

Basic Course

We offer to help improve English fluency, bettering grammar, and enhancing the listening and reading skills of non-native speakers.


We work with you on redefining your persona to ensure better personality development and individual growth.

Advanced Course

All you need to achieve success in your professional life is right here in our advanced courses.

Basic Course

Our course offers you concise training on individual growth and nurturing personal development.

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About B.E.A

We, at British English Academy, believe that communication is the key to life and in today’s fast-pacing world, effective communication is the key ingredient to effective communication.

English is the only language that connects the world when it comes to interacting and communicating. And the world has been witnessing that people with a stronghold over the English language perform better in both social and professional aspects of their lives. Three things that, we believe, can be counted as benefits of the language are improved personality, built-up confidence, and more job opportunities.

We offer courses that help you achieve all these aims and aspirations along with preparing you for any communication issue that you may encounter during the course of your life. It helps you with understanding what others say and means, along with better vocabulary to continue the conversation (including skills to speak, listen, read, and write).

We help you bring effectiveness in each communication medium.

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The course structure that we offer

5 key points to join our courses

  • Our courses are carefully crafted to give you a walkthrough of the entire English language.
  • We are focused on our foundation of eliminating the obstacles in lifestyle progress.
  • We thrive to help you build confidence, by enhancing the vocabulary for spoken English.
  • We do not just provide classes, we also provide faith and encouragement to do better.
  • We assist with better personality development and management skills for the future.

Spoken EngliSh

Nourishments in spoken English skills are mandatory in today’s world.


This is an international test designed to assess non-native speakers for English proficiency.


An international test crafted to check the English proficiency of non-native individuals, who aspire to enrol in English-speaking Universities.



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