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A detailed guide to help you with Canada Immigration

Canada has always been renowned for being the most welcoming destination for immigrants all over the world. With tons of perks, every individual living in that country can lead their lives with ultimate ease, including the Canada immigration candidates. These perks majorly include a large employment market and world-class healthcare facilities.

It is also inclusive of the never-raising crime rates, diversity and multi-cultural residents, rich natural resources, and amazing programs to make enhancements in social skills. With that, let’s move on to the significant details you need to know about Canada Immigration- the causes, the procedures, information on Canada PR, requirements, eligibility and more

Reasons for immigration to Canada

Other than the country’s scenic view, and friendly people, mentioned below are five major reasons for choosing Canada immigration:

  • Healthcare facilities- Well, they have premium world-class equipment and faculties when it comes to healthcare. Once you’ve become a permanent resident there, you won’t have to worry about your medical bills anymore as it is universally free. However, until you become one, you’d have to pay some amount for treatments that are extremely affordable.
  • Balancing life- Working in Canada can actually be fun, as the working hours are comparatively shorter providing you the time to spend with your family, make dinner plans with your friends, or simply to work and be with yourself.
  • Statutory holidays that are paid- Unlike in the US, where employers do not pay employees for the time they don’t work, Canada has laws that lead employers to pay for statutory holidays.
  • Maternity leaves with pay- There have been a lot of reports of women getting fired or being temporarily unemployed as an outcome of their conception. Canada pays extra attention to prevent this from happening and thus, offers paid maternity leaves for all working women.
  • Acceptance towards immigration- Tons of surveys show that Canada immigration has been sky-rocketing in comparison to any other country as Canada has always been more accepting of all migrants than any other destination.

Understanding Canada PR

This section is going to address the Canada PR process and requirements. The “PR” in Canada PR stands for permanent residence. It is basically, permission granted to Canadian immigration candidates for changing their status from just an immigrant to a permanent resident. However, this does not make them Canadian citizens but they are now, permanent residents of Canada coming from other countries.

Also, there are certain residencies requirements or let’s say the “Canada PR eligibility” criterion that individuals need to qualify for maintaining their PR status. It refers to their physical presence in the country for a pre-set duration. It requires a person to physically be present in Canada for a minimum of seven hundred and thirty (or 730) days within five (or 5) years or qualifying one of the following requirements:

  • One who is outside of Canada and wants to accompany their spouse, a partner in the eyes of the law, or a child accompanying a guardian or parent/s.
  • One who lives in a country other than Canada, but is fully employed by some employer (business, or public service) of Canada or any Canadian province.
  • The accompanying individual is a spouse, a lawful partner, or an offspring of the permanent resident (staying out of Canada) who is employed by a Canadian business or a public service in Canada and/or anywhere in the Canadian province.

Know the Canadian immigration process

Let’s take a look at the procedure for applying for your Canada immigration:

  1. Research for detailed eligibility criteria, and see if you meet the specified requirements.
  2. Once you’ve cleared the first step of eligibility qualification, start collecting all the required documents.
  3. Then go for the Canada immigration application pool, check your Canada immigration points, and submit the immigration profile.
  4. The authorities send out invites to candidates with the highest points in the pool and then you can apply for your Canada PR.

Note: Canada is known to follow a system of points for settling on candidates they’d want to invite for Canadian immigration. The minimum requirement of points for candidates is 67, as of now.

Know all about immigration to Canada from India

Just like candidates from all over the world, there are several aspirants in India, who dream of Canadian immigration. And for them, India has tons of guidance systems. One of the most common ways for a Canada immigration is appearing in IELTS, and we would highly recommend you to majorly prefer among the best IELTS coaching in Delhi to obtain desired results. Also, to add to the experience, you can find tons of qualified and certifies Canadian immigration consultants to walk you through the process and help you achieve your dream.


Canada immigration has been highly recommended for all the people who want to settle in any foreign country, whether it is for a short duration for studies, to accompany your loved ones, or simply to become either a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. This read will walk you through a brief introduction to Canada immigration, reasons you should consider moving to Canada, details to help you understand Canada PR, the basic procedure for Canada immigration, and significant details on immigrating to Canada from India.