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How to improve reading skills in IELTS?

ielts reading tips

For any exam, you prepare it is very much important that you decide the right way and the right coaching for good results. To improve your skills and the results in the IELTS exam, you need to know some IELTS reading tips and tricks. It is equally important to understand that the IELTS academic reading test can be a bit challenging so it is very much necessary that you make a good decision to stay well prepared. Remember, never take an IELTS test for granted, you need to prepare, prepare and then there is more preparation that you need to do. Here through this article, we will discuss some of the important IELTS reading tips and tricks to be considered, so let us begin and understand what are these tips.

Some of the important IELTS reading tips and tricks

  • There is no need to be knowledgeable about the reading topics: The British English Academy explains that the Academic reading section has a wide variety of subjects but there is no need to have a piece of prior knowledge to answer the questions successfully. Remember, all the answers will come from the reading passage and you need not have any previous knowledge for the same.
  • Focus on the questions first: Despite spending time reading the text first, you need to focus on the questions. Just read the instructions and the questions carefully and the highlighted keywords such as names, numbers, adjectives, and adverbs. You need to skip the text in order to find that it contains these keywords. You will just need to read the section carefully and then compare the information here to the information in the questions. In case, you are unable to find out the answer then you may be reading this thing very quickly. You need to slow down and read the section again.
  • Give consideration to Synonyms and paraphrasing: You need to consider the reading section is primarily a test of vocabulary comprehension. According to the British English Academy, the passage will express the ideas such as those that the keywords convey in the questions, but the ideas will be expressed in a different manner along with synonyms and paraphrasing. Remember, they will not be able to communicate with the same keywords, and having an extensive vocabulary will fetch you good results in the reading passage section.
  • Just manage your time: You correctively need to monitor and manage the time you take for each section. There are 40 questions in 60 minutes. You need to do the simple calculation and if you spend five minutes on each question, then you will not finish the test in time and you will leave many questions unanswered.
  • Computer or on paper: There are always two versions of the IELTS test, one is on the computer and the other one is on paper. If you are wondering which one to choose then the answer depends upon the supplement paper you wish to read. There are some of the students who wish to read on the paper and write their answers on the sheet and others are comfortable in using the computer. It is important to consider and set the preference you life beforehand while preparing for the exams. You should understand that both of the formats are easy by now you have the choice to sit for the test in the way that best suits you, it is good that you decide before you prepare. If you use the paper version of the exam then you need to circle or underline the keywords and if you use the computer version then you need to use the highlight function while giving the test.
  • Practice more and more: When we talk about IELTS reading tips and tricks, then it is important you have the best IELTS teacher in the world or read hundred of test-related tips and tricks. However, if you do not put in the practice then you will not feel completely test ready or prepared for the tests. Remember, with consistent practice, you can easily achieve the reading score you aimed for!
  • Get access to the Practice materials and visit the official IELTS preparation page: You can easily visit the official website of British English Academy and go to the Online IELTS classes section. In the section, you can easily find the materials to practice activities and resources, paper and computer practice tests, link for preparation apps along with hits and tips webinars.

Final thoughts: 

We hope by now you have clarity on how to prepare yourself for IELTS exams via IELTS reading tips and tricks that are discussed in this article. However, if you are still stuck somewhere or have any pending queries to discuss then you are suggested to visit the official pages of the best coaching institutes such as the British English Academy and get guidance from the scholars.

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