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IELTS Coaching in Rajouri Garden

IELTS Coaching in Rajouri Garden

This exam is now a mandatory step to move overseas. This stands for International English Language Testing System. Every month this is conducted on specified date. It is valid for 2 years. This is categorized into Academic and General. Academic is for those students who wish to pursue higher academics in whichever stream they wish to so for As for the General category it is for those who either wish to go work there or settle there permanently as PR.

It is observed these days that the youth desire to move out of the country as per their dreams, desire & aspiration. Many of them only go there to study & come back. But a lot of students prefer to go there on a study basis & thereby choosing to work & finally settle there permanently.

IELTS exams

This exam has four modules Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking RWL is held on one day & speaking is held a day later or could be a few days earlier depending upon the scheduled dates.

  • Reading

Reading module is for an hour. It comprises of 3 comprehension passages. Students are required to solve 40 questions. They can be in the form of multiple-choice of a list of Heading, True-False, etc. The passages are not interrelated & are quite difficult to understand. It’s all about how much the students can grasp the meaning in a twisted form.

  • Writing

Writing module is divided into 2 section Task for the Academics it includes a pie chart, diagram, or a graph. The students are asked to explain it factually with accurate details. For the General category, there is a letter of 150-170 words. Students are required to write a formal, semi-formal or informal letter. Task 2 is the same for both the categories of the students. It is an essay of 250-270 words. An essay can be of various types. They can be in the form of a discussion, problems & solutions, agree or disagree, compare & contrast, etc. Students have to follow the prescribed format while writing the essay. Here the language proficiency, vocabulary choice of thought in the inertia to judge. Students have to enhance their language with the correct fusion of the implementation of their thoughts relevant to the topic.

  • Listening

Listening is for half an hour. Students have to listen to a tape script, follow the conversion & then answer the question that follows. They maybe are the forum of a monologue, dialogue or a conversation. There is a total of 4 of them & the question is related to the conversation’s Students are given 10 mints. extra to transfer their answers to the answer sheets.

  • Speaking

Speaking module is conducted for approx. 15 mints. This is held on a one to one basis with just the students & the examiner. Everything is recorded. The students are asked an introductory question. Thereafter a cue card is given on which they have to speak for 2 minutes. Then follow-up questions are asked related to the cue card.

The IELTS exam is conducted simultaneously by the British Council & I. D. P Australia. The result is declared to offer 13 days. It is evaluated is bands. The maximum bands are 9 Different countries that demand different bands as per their requirements. It can vary for the Academic and General students depending on their qualifications work experience, age, etc. Today this exam is gaining popularity all across.

Therefore, if you are preparing for the IELTS exams, you can look for IELTS coaching in Rajouri Garden. We assure you that you will get the desired score.

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