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Spoken English Classes In Delhi

Get confident with English speaking skills

English is not a social arrangement anymore, it is more of a confidence factor for the world we live in. Spoken English classes have always been aimed at people who think conversing in English is too difficult, and for those who are anxious about whether they are speaking correctly or not. If you are one of those people, trust us, there’s nothing that you cannot do, and there’s nothing that you cannot get better at. Let’s look at the courses you can choose from that matches your interests. You can even opt for spoken English online classes for beginners if you aren’t comfortable joining an offline class. Also, there’s a book- A Practical Course in Spoken English, which everyone can and must obtain to enhance their learning.

Spoken English course

There are several hundreds of spoken English classes in Delhi that are carefully designed to make people feel they belong. There are two variants when it comes to speaking in English- US English and UK English. And with us, you can successfully acquire fluency in UK English or British English. However, let’s look at the course variants we offer:

The Beginner’s Level

This course, for our spoken English classes, will effectively shape your future with English from the very beginning.

  • Learn the basics of English grammar
  • Expand your Vocabulary with pronunciation
  • Be able to communicate in everyday subjects
  • Improve your listening effectively with audios
  • Get better at forming English sentences

The Basic Level

This course, for our spoken English classes, is a great way to prepare yourself for speaking English in a group setting.

  • Be accurate with grammar usage and word pronunciation
  • Better your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills
  • Improve your Vocabulary and enhance communications
  • In-class conversations improve Personality Development
  • Acquire confident Public Speaking Skills with the following –
  1. Presentations
  2. Role-playing exercises
  3. Debate activities
  4. Group Discussions
  5. Extempore Sessions

The Intermediate Level

This course offers everything combined and keeps you going, and wanting for more from our spoken English classes.

  • Obtain support for your grammar knowledge, improve your pronunciation and expand your English Vocabulary.
  • Get help for developing and maintaining good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with a major focus on Spoken English Communication.
  • Gain confidence for effective Public Speaking Skills with the following –
  1. Presentations
  2.  Role-playing exercises
  3.  Debate activities
  4. Group Discussions
  1. Extempore Sessions
  2.  Image Descriptions
  3. News Reports
  • Develop all skills requires for personality enhancements
  1.  Etiquette for Interviews
  2. Etiquette for a General setting
  3. Etiquette for Telephone Conversations

The Advanced Level

This course is at the top of the professional English courses with exclusive tweaks.

  • Built an exclusive proficiency in the English language
  • Learn and better your idiomatic English with Vocabulary
  • Get better at correct language tenses and pronunciations
  • Develop Communication Skills, Etiquette for Telephone Conversations.
  • Enhance better Personality Development Skills
  • Strengthen your skills for Job Interviews and Group Discussions
  • Improve drafting of better business letters, queries, and replies


All the courses that our spoken English classes offer are different from one another and therefore caters to the different needs of different individuals. Go through the details of each course and decide what would be the best choice for you, and we’ll be here, to help you with any query that you may have.